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Keiron McCabe is the Campaigns and Communication Manager for the UK organisation My Death, My Decision. He advises a national coalition on assisted dying law, and is a published critic of the UK’s current legislation.

Portugal’s Parliament passes assisted dying bill

Portuguese lawmakers have voted in support of legal assisted dying for the incurably suffering, making a change in the law one step closer to reality. My Death, My Decision has welcomed the move as a historic step forward in the predominantly Catholic country, and said it will now add renewed pressure on the UK to [...]

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Covid-19 has exposed the need for a review of our assisted dying laws, says MDMD to parliamentary human rights committee

My Death, My Decision has responded to the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ review of Covid-19, by calling for an immediate review of the UK’s laws on assisted dying.  In a submission to a consultation asking for opinions on the human rights impact of the Government’s extended lockdown, MDMD highlighted concerns that people suffering from [...]

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Jersey forges ahead with citizens’ jury on assisted dying

Jersey’s government is moving forward with plans to convene a citizens’ assembly on assisted dying, and has invited more than 4,000 residents to register their interest in taking part. The move has been welcomed by My Death, My Decision as a positive step towards securing a meaningful change in the law.  The jury, which will [...]

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My Death, My Decision’s Chair responds to Ruth Davidson’s Telegraph column on assisted dying

Credit: The Scottish Parliament, source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62290915 (Creative Commons 3.0) The Sunday Telegraph has published a letter to the editor from My Death, My Decision’s Chair, Trevor Moore, in response to a column by Ruth Davidson. In her article, the former Scottish Conservatives leader who is due to join the House of Lords acknowledged [...]

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Austrian court overturns ban on assisted dying

Austria’s constitutional court has ruled a ban on helping ‘seriously ill’ people ending their own lives is unconstitutional, in a landmark ruling which has been welcomed by My Death, My Decision.  The case relates to a claim brought by a series of claimants, including a 56-year-old man who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Under Austria’s criminal [...]

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Travel to Switzerland for an Assisted Death not Criminalised by Lockdown Legislation

Credit: gdsteam, source: https://bit.ly/38ymwuL (Creative Commons 2.0) In an urgent parliamentary question on 5th Nov 2020, the day a second lockdown was introduced in England, Andrew Mitchell (MP) asked the Health Secretary Matt Hancock to make a statement on the impact of new coronavirus regulations on the ability of terminally ill adults to [...]

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Assisted Dying Referendum: New Zealand votes to overturn ban on assisted dying

Credit: New Zealand Flaghttps://bit.ly/34CZ1yh New Zealand has overwhelmingly voted to legalise assisted dying by 65.2% to 33.8%, according to the preliminary results of a nation-wide referendum. My Death, My Decision has welcomed the result as a decisive victory for campaigners, which will add renewed pressure on the UK to follow suit.  Nearly two [...]

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My Death, My Decision welcomes new patron, Adam Kay

My Death, My Decision is delighted to announce the appointment of its newest patron, Adam Kay. Adam is an award-winning British comedian, writer, and former doctor.  Adam is probably best known for his debut book, ‘This is Going to Hurt’: a Sunday Times bestseller, which has sold more than one million copies in the UK [...]

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