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Dementia now leading cause of death

A BBC report highlights the latest statistics published by the ONS on causes of death. Dementia (including Alzheimer's disease), is now the leading cause of death, accounting for 11.6% of all deaths in 2015. This has now overtaken coronary heart disease, though for men that still remains the leading cause of death. For those over [...]

2016-12-20T15:14:50+00:00 November 15th, 2016|Dementia, Dignity in Dying|

Protecting Vulnerable People

We were interested to see an article on the Christian Institute website about MDMD, claiming that we "lobby for legal protections to be removed from vulnerable people". Nothing could be further from the truth. MDMD is concerned that any right-to-die legislation should fully protect vulnerable people. We suggest that the author read our proposals for [...]

2016-10-19T16:11:26+00:00 October 12th, 2016|MDMD, Religious views, Vulnerable People|

How long do we really want to live for?

In an interesting BBC Website article, health correspondent Nick Triggle asks this important question. The article usefully differentiates between "life expectancy" and "healthy life expectancy". It points out that many people answer the question by saying "As long as I have my health". The question presupposes that we have a choice as to when to [...]

2016-12-20T15:14:50+00:00 October 12th, 2016|Life Expectancy|

MDMD Website launched

Today MDMD formally launches its website. Following a press release and interviews, an article in the Sunday Times 9th October describes MDMD's main objectives under the headline "Non terminally ill seek right to die", including a mention of our suggestion of an extended advance decision. and our reasons for believing that an assisted dying law [...]

2016-10-18T21:39:23+00:00 October 9th, 2016|MDMD|

Euthanasia linked to Organ Donation

The Daily Mail 5/9/16 reports on a paper published in a medical journal which calls for allowing euthanasia to enable organ donation in the case 'where it has been argued through the courts that a patient in a permanent vegetative state is going to have clinically assisted nutrition and hydration withdrawn, with the inevitable consequence [...]

2016-12-20T15:14:50+00:00 September 10th, 2016|Medical Views, USA|

What is “Unbearable”?

The Economist 6/8/16 reports research done in USA which interviewed patients aged over 60 who were admitted to hospital suffering from serious illness. They were asked to compare various symptoms to death to say how it compared to death. Half or more thought incontinence, being unable to get out of bed, or relying on a [...]

2016-10-18T21:42:06+00:00 August 31st, 2016|USA|

Two BMJ Blog posts on assisted dying in Dementia and Psychiatric cases.

Richard Smith, former editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) writes a moving personal story of his mother who suffers from dementia, arguing the case for assisted suicide for early stage dementia patients - as he and his mother did 10 years before. Colin Brewer, former psychiatrist and current associate coordinator of MDMD, follows this [...]

2016-12-20T15:14:50+00:00 August 20th, 2016|Dementia, Medical Views, Psychiatric Issues|