Assisted Dying is a complex issue. The pages in this section address the issues in depth, as we see them. In addition to our own newsletters and position statements, we provide information about the available options in this country and elsewhere around the world. We discuss the ethical dilemmas and address the arguments used by opponents of assisted dying, in what we hope is a respectful and constructive way.

We hope to provide a comprehensive guide to assisted dying issues. If you think we have got something wrong, or have missed an important principle or idea, please let us know.

We believe that the vast majority of people on all sides of the debate are fundamentally compassionate, caring, and want a solution that safeguards vulnerable people, but at the same time ensures people have as good a death as possible.

Advances in medical science, give us longer lives than ever before. Provided these extended years come with sufficient quality of life, many people have additional years for which they are very grateful. However, this should not come at the price of having to endure a long and unpleasant decline from some degenerative disease that makes our final days, months or years intolerable. Medical science has the means to offer a peaceful and dignified death at the time of a person’s choosing so alleviating end of life suffering. Society has to decide how this can safely and compassionately be applied.

We welcome constructive discussion with anyone who can contribute experience and ideas to move the debate forward to establish a workable proposal which overcomes the problems of previous attempts to change the law on assisted dying in the UK.