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Treatment, Palliative Care or Euthanasia? Comparing End of Life Issues in Human and Veterinary Medicine

Retired vet and MDMD supporter Ruth Eyre-Pugh has written two papers contrasting the approaches to end of life care in veterinary and human medicine. As a vet, she had professional experience of animal euthanasia to relieve suffering. Quality of life is paramount right up until the moment we take our last breath. Veterinarians are experienced in assessing quality of life and advising when the time is right to take the most humane way forward for a suffering animal.

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A review of medical and veterinary literature relevant to end of life issues.  

Discussion of Ethical Issues

Readers can contact the author at if they wish to discuss the subject further.

Talk given to the Conway Hall Ethical Society

My Death, My Decision?

MDMD Coordinator, Phil Cheatle, gave a talk to the Conway Hall Ethical Society in London on January 29th 2017. After an introduction to MDMD, and why he got involved, Phil describes why recent attempts in parliament have failed to legalise assisted dying in the UK. He examines the MP’s objections carefully and proposes some new approaches to try to move the debate forward.

Summary text of talk


When is a Life Complete?

A short document written in 2015 following a consultation with our supporters to try to answer questions about how someone might decide that they were ready to die. Not a tick-list – but a set of issues that could rationally lead someone to decide that they no longer want to continue living when they carefully examine their own situation.

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ismoty A collection of 30 personal views in support of assisted suicide. Contributors include doctors, philosphers, priests, writers and politicians such as Will Self, Lord Avebury, Peter Tatchell, Mary Warnock, and Anthony Grayling. It is edited by Colin Brewer, MDMD Associate Coordinator and Michael Irwin, founder and patron of MDMD.

The essays give historical background of the UK right-to-die campaign; discuss legal, ethical and religious issues; and provide personal experiences of patients and carers.

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approaching-old-old-cover Michael Irwin, founder and patron of MDMD, has written a booklet describing his philosophy of life, his personal background, and his work as a right-to-die campaigner for over 25 years.





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