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Inclusion of a link on this page does not imply that MDMD supports or agrees with all the opinions and organisational aims expressed on the destination pages. We provide these links as an aid to those trying to establish a fuller understanding of the varying positions of the right-to-die debate in the UK and around the globe. The MDMD position is described in the other pages of our website.

Help with Advance Decisions / Lasting Power of Attorney for Health

Anyone wishing to have some control over how they might eventually die should state their wishes in an advance decision. Advice and assistance in doing this is available from these organisations.

Compassion in Dying

Advance Decisions Assistance

NHS instructions on how to make, register or end a lasting power of attorney

Medicalert a way to help ensure emergency services can access your advance decision.

Ain’t the Way to Die ZDoggMD’s rap video – a novel and graphic way of showing why everyone should have an Advance Decision

Other UK Right-to-Die Organisations

Dignity in Dying – the largest UK right-to-die campaign organisation, restricted to helping mentally competent adults with a terminal illness (6 months or less life expectancy). Unfortunately this prevents them from campaigning to help those with dementia, MND, locked-in syndrome, MS, stroke, and many other long term conditions which result in a very poor quality of life that has to be endured for longer than 6 months with very little prospect of recovery.

Friends at the End (FATE) Based in Scotland seeking similar objectives to MDMD

EXIT (Voluntary Euthanasia Society Scotland) Based in Scotland, focuses on research and publishing self-help information.

Swiss Organisations offering assisted suicide to foreign nationals



Associazione Liberty Life

EX International

The Last Choice – Switzerland offers advice on what is involved in going to one of the Swiss organisations that help foreigners.

Other UK Organisations which want to see open discussion about death and improvements in the way we die

Dying Matters A coalition formed by the National Council for Palliative Care to promote discussion of dying, death and bereavement.

Death Cafe is an international movement promoting discussion of death, dying, and bereavement. There have been over 650 Death Cafes in UK with more planned.

Humanists UK (formerly the British Humanist Association) supports a change in the law to allow assisted dying which is not restricted to those with a 6 month or less life expectancy.

International Right-to-Die Organisations

World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies WFRtDS was founded in 1980 and consists of 49 right-to-die organizations from 26 countries

Right-to-Die Europe is a sub-group of WFRtDS which links 19 right-to-die societies in 15 countries in Europe

MDMD is a member of both these organisations. Curiously, Dignity in Dying isn’t.

Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization ERGO was founded in 1993 by Derek Humphry as a nonprofit educational corporation based in Oregon, USA. Ergo provides a newsletter service for sharing news relating to right-to-die issues around the world.

International Network for Choice at the End of Life INCEL was founded in 2015. It has 6 member organisations including Dignity in Dying and LifeCircle.

Exit International formed in Australia in 1997 by Dr Philip Nitschke who has since become an outspoken proponent of self help methods.

UK Groups opposed to Right-to-Die Legislation

These are included as they contribute to the public right-to-die debate with well articulated arguments for keeping the law as it is. Those in favour of a change in the law need to carefully consider and respond to these concerns.

Care Not Killing Alliance

Not Dead Yet (UK)

No To Assisted Suicide

Living and Dying Well

Other sources of interest

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery videos from the ‘Death: Is it your right to choose?’ exhibition which opened in January 2016. Richard Huxtable (University of Bristol Professor of Medical Ethics and Law) gives a short and clear introduction to the issues here.  The audio from an Assisted Dying panel debate held alongside the exhibition can be heard here.

American writer James Leonard Park has published a number of thought provoking articles on his website including Medical Ethics at the End-of-life and How to Die: Safeguards for Life-Ending Decisions

Video of a 2014 Cambridge Union debate: This House Would Legalise ‘Assisted Dying’.  Colin Brewer, John Harris and Michael Irwin  speak for the motion. Robert Preston, Madeline Teahan and Brian Iddon speak in opposition

Video of highlights of a 2013 debate between Dr Michael Irwin (founder of SOARS, now MDMD), Philip Graham (vice-chair of Dignity in Dying) and George Galloway (Respect MP) . This took place before the House of Lords debate on the Assisted Dying Bill proposed by Lord Falconer.

Video of Dr Michael Irwin (founder of SOARS, now MDMD) talking about Old Age Rational Suicide in July 2012

Sir Terry Prachet Shaking Hands With Death. Richard Dimbleby lecture February 2010 (In the first half he talks about his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. In the second half he argues for medical assistance to die.)

Professor Raymond Tallis, FRCP FMedSci DLitt FRSA, and Emeritus Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of Manchester puts forward the medical case for assisted dying here. He explains why he changed his mind in favour of a change in the law on assisted dying, based on evidence from other countries where similar legislation has been in practice for some time.

In February 2018 the BMJ published an article giving two positions, for and against, doctor assisted dying. Interestingly, the two view points are put forward by different former presidents of the Royal College of Surgeons.