Lord Carey explains his change of mind on Assisted Dying

In a short Radio 4 programme in the series “Why I Changed My Mind”, broadcast on 18th Sept 2017, former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, explains why, in 2014, he changed his mind on assisted dying.

You can listen to it here.

It is most interesting to hear Lord Carey explain that it was the case of Tony Nicklinson that caused him to change his mind. Tony Nicklinson suffered from locked in syndrome and was not terminally ill. He might have lived for many years if he hadn’t refused food and liquid following the failure of his legal challenge in 2014. In Lord Carey’s opinion it is not just incurable physical pain, but also autonomy, existential suffering and lack of dignity, that can justify assisted dying. In this respect, MDMD agree with him. We admire his courage in changing his view and speaking out. We hope that his action will convince others to re-think their position as well.