Contacting your MP is the most important thing you can do 

Sending a message to your MP is vital to show them that assisted dying matters to voters.  It is also the best way you can help to influence their thinking and demonstrate the passion behind our movement. 

To send an email simply enter your postcode in the box at www.writetothem.com. and follow the instructions to send a message.  You can also use this site to write to your Member of the Senedd as well. 

Alternatively, you can write a letter to your MP at:

House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

Contact your MP
Enter your UK postcode to find your MP:

What should I say? 

Check our news and comments to see if there is an active issue you can write about, where you will be able to find out more information on what precisely we want MPs to do. 

But, even sending a message to your MP or MS  saying you’ve joined My Death, My Decision and you’d like to know their views on assisted dying can be effective. 

You can download our Campaign Toolkit here.

Does it really matter? 

Yes. MPs might receive hundreds of mass emails a day, but they rarely receive a personal letter and when they do it gets through. We’ve been told that when someone takes the time to write a personalised message, it stands out since it shows you’ve dedicated time and thought to our campaign. 


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