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  • American Family Physicians Association (AAFP) changes position on medical aid in dying
    In October 2018 it is reported that the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) broke ranks with the American Medical Association (AMA) by adopting a position of “engaged neutrality” on assisted suicide and euthanasia. At its Congress of Delegates in New Orleans the AAFP, the second largest component society of the AMA with more than […]
  • MDMD Coordinator asks Baroness Finlay how to avoid late stage dementia
    On 29th November 2018 Baroness Ilora Finlay gave a talk at Bristol University titled “As the light fades: Do law and ethics collide?”. Baroness Finlay is a professor of palliative medicine at Cardiff University and a long-standing prominent opponent of assisted dying. Her talk gave a full account of the problems and dangers she sees […]
  • Talking about Dying – More than Meets the Eye?
    Recently the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), in a widely reported statement, called for doctors to start talking about death earlier. It followed from a report, “Talking about Dying”, which found only 4% of patients talk to their doctors about dying or benefit from advanced care planning. “Too many patients are being admitted to hospital […]
  • PRESS RELEASE: Right to Die Campaigner Noel Conway Loses challenge in UK’s Highest Court
    Today, assisted dying campaigner Noel Conway has lost permission to bring a case before the Supreme Court. Diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) four years ago, the retired teacher from Shrewsbury, is dependent upon a ventilator for up to 23 hours a day and has limited movement in his right hand, neck and head. Mr […]
  • Assisted Dying in the USA, A Good First Step But Room for Improvement
    Assisted Dying in the USA, A Good First Step But Room for Improvement My Death, My Decision’s Coordinator, Phil Cheatle, discusses the recent documentary by Louis Theroux and the implications it raises for the US Oregon Model. The BBC2 documentary by Louis Theroux, “Choosing Death”, which aired on Sunday 18th November 2018 and is available […]
  • PRESS RELEASE: A New Documentary Has Explored the Realities of Oregon’s Assisted Dying Model
    On Sunday, BBC 2 aired the second installment of Louis Theroux’s new documentary series Altered States. “Choosing Death” followed the journeys of Gus, Lorri and Debra, as they grappled with a choice to end their lives. Suffering from stage four pancreatic cancer, Gus was eligible to end his life under California’s 2016 End of Life […]
  • Videos from Healthcare and Secularism 2018 Conference
    In October 2018, the National Secular Society and the Secular Medical Forum held a joint conference on Healthcare and Secularism. The final two talks concerned assisted dying and the right to die. Both talks were excellent. Videos of the talks are available on YouTube and are embedded here with some description and comments. 1. Dr. […]
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s still increasing as leading cause of death
    The Office of National Statistics has recently published data on cause of death in 2017. For the third year running Dementia and Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of death, and the trend is increasing. We have been monitoring this significant trend since it was first reported in 2016. See our previous reports on the 2016 […]
  • Video Evidence helps in Rational Suicide Inquest
    The BBC reported the inquest into the death of Beryl Taylor(70) who died in Rattlesden, Suffolk, in July 2016. The case is also reported in more detail in the East Anglian Daily Times. Mrs Taylor’s husband had been arrested on suspicion of assisted suicide, and later murder. He was subsequently released. The coroner made a […]
  • The Omid T Judicial Review: “Bound to be Dismissed”?
    MDMD’s Campaigns and Communication Manager, Keiron McCabe, breaks down the judgement behind Omid’s defeat. On Tuesday 2nd October 2018, Omid T’s assisted dying case , known as R (on the Application of T) v Ministry of Justice [2018] EWHC 2615 (Admin), lost at its first hurdle in the High Court. In order to challenge the UK’s […]