My Death, My Decision is a grassroots campaign group that wants the law in England and Wales to allow those who are terminally ill or intolerably suffering the option of a legal, safe, and compassionate assisted death. 


We were founded to represent the interests of those facing intolerable and incurable suffering, at a time when no other right to die organisation would, and to advocate on their behalf to secure a lasting change in the law

Since our incorporation in 2019, we have quickly become one of the leading assisted dying organisations in England and Wales, and are at the forefront of social change: nearly 90% of the public now favours a change in the law to allow assisted dying for those who are incurably suffering or terminally ill. 

We are committed to proposing an evidence-based law that would balance individual choice alongside robust safeguards, and we are not afraid to confront uncomfortable truths or expose specious arguments. 

With the help of our members, supporters, and patrons we help to broaden the assisted dying debate and seek to enshrine the values of autonomy, dignity, and compassion into assisted dying legislation.


My Death, My Decision is a co-founding member of the UK Assisted Dying Coalition, and is a member of the worldwide alliance for assisted dying reform, the World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies.