Helping my Father Go To DIGNITAS

MDMD supporter Penny Hall’s father suffered from dementia. He chose to end his life in Switzerland while he was still sufficiently mentally competent to do so. The story is reported in this Cambridge News article.

Why should he have to travel to Switzerland?
Why should his family suffer a police investigation for accompanying him?

The end of the article talks about Dignity in Dying‘s campaign and points out that their proposed Assisted Dying law would not help people like Penny’s Father. While MDMD supports Dignity in Dying as far as they go, we think their approach is too limited precisely because of cases like this.

MDMD campaigns for a more compassionate law in this country – so that people like Penny’s father can have what they see as a good death without traveling abroad… a law the helps people in early stage dementia – not one limited to the 6-month terminally ill.

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