Dawn Voice Cooper

Dawn Voice Cooper was an active campaigner and social justice advocate, and also a keen member of our campaign. It was her belief that assisted dying is the compassionate, kind and gentle option  for end-of-life that should be offered to all adults of sound mind in the UK who are either terminally ill and/or incurably suffering, as she was.

Dawn ended her life at Lifecircle in Switzerland in October 2021. She hoped that her death abroad could help shine a spotlight on the inadequacies of our laws in the UK and bring about change to allow others to access what she called ‘this wonderful form of end of life care’. She died as she lived her life: full of compassion, humour, and self determination!

Paul Lamb

Assisted Dying Campaigner Paul Lamb, was well known for challenging the law prohibiting assisted dying in England and Wales. In July 2019, Paul issued proceedings in the High Court for judicial review of the UK’s law on assisted dying.

Paul, was severely injured in a car accident in 1990 and had no function below his neck, apart from limited movement in his right hand. He required around the clock care and lived in constant pain. Paul explained that his motivation for legal action is to achieve something for the benefit of the many people who face similarly challenging circumstances. Paul died in June 2021.