My Death, My Decision Isle of Man launched

My Death, My Decision has officially launched a campaign group on the Isle of Man. The grassroots group Let Me Choose will become My Death, My Decision Isle of Man and will campaign to legalise assisted dying on the island for the terminally ill and incurably, intolerably suffering.

Our chair, Trevor Moore, will speak at a public meeting on the Isle of Man at the Manx Legion Club, Market Hill in Douglas, at 7.30pm on Monday 20th March. The next day he will address members of Tynwald, Isle of Man’s Parliament.

Last year, members of Tynwald voted 22 to 2 to allow an assisted dying Bill to be introduced by Dr Alex Allinson.

The Bill would allow terminally ill, mentally competent adults the choice of an assisted death. A public consultation on the Isle of Man closed recently and a draft Bill should be available by the end of the year.

If you live on the Isle of Man and would like to get involved, please contact Vicky Christian at

Trevor Moore, Chair of My Death, My Decision, said:

“It is refreshing to see people and politicians on the Isle of Man engage with the issue of assisted dying so respectfully and wholeheartedly. My Death, My Decision Isle of Man will achieve great things with Vicky Christian at the helm and I look forward to all the campaigning our grassroots organisation will be able to do, thanks to this new group.”

Vicky Christian, Chair of  My Death, My Decision Isle of Man said:

“People on the Isle of Man desperately want to see a change in the law that allows people who are dying in pain, suffering and indignity to have a choice at the end of their lives. There’s no good reason on earth why adults who are suffering from an incurable, intolerable disease should be forced to continue living against their will.

I’m thankful to have the support of My Death, My Decision and the Assisted Dying Coalition. Together, we will bring a compassionate change in the law.”


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    Robert Colvin says

    I think it’s a fantastic idea that people should have the right to decide whether to end their lives due to intolerable suffering and have spoken in depth with my MHK about it. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of response you get on Monday week and hope it’s a positive one for sure. Will see you there.

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