Dutch court backs assistance to die for people with advanced Alzheimer’s

The Netherlands’ highest court has ruled that doctors can honour euthanasia requests for adults with advanced Alzheimer's, provided they have signed a written request beforehand.  Although it has always been possible in the Netherlands for a patient unable to express their will at the moment of death, to receive assistance to die, this ruling has [...]

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“Euthanasia in the Netherlands”. Look again, when someone says death will be available on demand.

  My Death, My Decision's Campaigns and Communication Manager, Keiron McCabe, responds to the latest Guardian long-read "Death on demand: has euthanasia gone too far?"   Christopher Bellaigue raises an important question for those of us who advocate for assisted dying reform. In a society which permits euthanasia, what are the acceptable limits to autonomy? [...]

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Is the Dutch Euthanasia law working as intended?

The Daily Mail reported recently on a number of euthanasia cases in the Netherlands which are being investigated over concerns that the correct procedures may not have been followed, leading to euthanasia of people who possibly did not meet the strict criteria set out in the Dutch legislation. See Daily Mail articles "Dutch police investigate [...]

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New Scientist reports on assisted suicide for psychiatric cases

New Scientist 23 July 2016 published an article discussing assisted suicide for psychiatric patients - which is legal in some countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium. The article gives an interesting account of the issues around providing medically assisted suicide to people with only psychiatric problems, such as a Dutch woman in her ‘30s. [...]

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Euthanasia 2016

Euthanasia 2016 took place in Amsterdam in May 2016. Slides from the presentations can be found in the following link, including the presentation on 'When is a Life Complete?' by MDMD Coordinator, Phil Cheatle Source: Presentations | Euthanasia 2016

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