Assisted dying campaigner Phil Newby refused permission by Court of Appeal

Phil Newby has been denied permission by the Court of Appeal to challenge the UK’s prohibitive law on assisted dying.  Phil, 49, a father of two and member of My Death, My Decision, suffers from the degenerative condition motor neurone disease. His legal case had raised over £48,000 in donations from the public and had [...]

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Justice Secretary considers review into assisted dying

Credit: House of Lords| Roger Harrishttps://bit.ly/36BZyy4 Secretary of State for Justice, Robert Buckland QC, has announced that he is considering a review into the law on assisted dying, adding there is a need to ‘take into account compassionate reasons’.  His comments which first appeared in the Express newspaper, follow after MPs debated assisted [...]

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MPs debate assisted dying call for evidence

MPs from across the political divide have supported calls for an independent inquiry into assisted dying. My Death, My Decision welcomed MPs’ support on this issue.  In a Westminster Hall debate, Christine Jardine MP, who called for the debate, acknowledged that her own views on assisted dying had changed after the death of her mother [...]

2020-01-24T14:57:00+00:00January 24th, 2020|UK Parliament|

Canada forges ahead with consultation on assisted dying for the incurably suffering

The Canadian Government has launched a consultation on changing its law on medically assisted dying. Under its current rules, Canadian adults who are of sound mind can voluntarily request an assisted death, if they suffer from a grievous and irremediable medical condition, and are in a state of irreversible decline - resulting in intolerable suffering [...]

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MDMD marks the death of assisted dying supporter

  Early in December, My Death, My Decision supporter Richard chose to end his life in Switzerland.  Richard had been suffering from motor neurone disease, an incurable condition which can result in someone’s muscles wasting away and significant mobility problems. Diagnosed with the condition in 2018, Richard’s illness became progressively worse and eventually [...]

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